You developed a brand, a logo or a product and now wonder how to protect this to prevent others from copying or taking advantage of this asset you put so much effort in developing.

TrdMrx Legal is the expert in protecting trademarks, logos and designs and advises you about the protection possibilities in a clear and pragmatic way. The key is to always make the advice contextual and easily understood.

In this way all the different terms underneath this text become immediately much clearer.

    Legal and pragmatic advise in one

TrdMrx Legal is a trade mark and design agency specialized in protecting intellectual property on both a national and an international level. We offer a full range of services, ranging from clearance to registration of trademarks and designs. We also provide legal advice, for example in case of infringements and related matters, and assist with the licensing of your rights, ip-portfolio management and market monitoring.

Due to our extensive experience in the field, both as an in-house lawyer and as an external counsel in a global environment, we are able to provide you not only with our legal opinion, but also with a more pragmatic view on intellectual property matters. We understand that a business is much more than only legalities and are passionate about advising on intellectual property matters, while keeping the different business interests of our clients in mind. This naturally implies a personal approach of every single client we work for. After all, the better we know our clients, the better we can tailor our advice to your needs.


The world around us is quickly changing. As a modern trade marks and design agency TrdMrx Legal anticipates these changes by a flexible approach, where customized services and clear, pragmatic advise are the norm.

TrdMrx Legal will provide you with a plan outlining which steps to take to protect your trademark or design at a national or international level, whatever your individual relevant requirements would be.



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  • From investigating and advising whether or not a name or design is available for use and registration.
  • Until the moment you will receive the proof of your rights, your registration certificate.
  • And also after registration we will be there to assist you with the further management of your ip-portfolio and related matters, like infringements and the licensing of your rights.

Our clients

Our clients are very diverse. Where one moment we’re thinking along with global players in for example the information technology sector, the next moment we’re helping creative entrepreneurs and start-ups to protect their intellectual property assets. This mix is exactly what keeps us sharp and makes us so passionate about our work.