Did you know that …. a global trademark registration does not exist?

Lydian Brunsting Did you know that ..


It sounds very convenient, one global trademark registration with which you can protect your trademark in all countries worldwide at once.

Unfortunately, no such thing as a global trademark registration exists. Trademark rights are in fact territorial rights, which usually apply to one particular country or a particular region only. Think for example of the Benelux or the European Union.

In any case, it is possible to apply for an International Trademark Registration. At this right moment almost 100 member states are party of the International Trademark Registration system. As the trademark applicant you can choose which of these member states you wish to include in your application for the international trademark registration. You do not have to include all member states, although you of course may.

A large number of countries – including key countries such as Brazil and Canada – are not (yet) member of the International Trademark Registration system. For these countries trademark protection can instead be obtained via national trademark registrations.

To secure optimal protection of your trademark on a global level, we therefore suggest you to first assess which specific countries or regions are or will be relevant to your company. After that it can be discussed what the best way is to protect your brand in these countries and/or regions.


Would you like to protect your trademark on an international level? Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.