About TrdMrx Legal

TrdMrx Legal is a modern trade mark and design agency specialized in protecting intellectual property on a national and an international level. We offer a full range of services, ranging from clearance to registration of trademarks and designs. We also provide legal services in case of infringements and related matters, such as ip-portfolio management, licensing, and market monitoring.

Thanks to our years of experience working in the intellectual property field we are able to provide you not only with our legal opinion, but also with a more pragmatic view on matters. We understand that a business is much more than only legalities.

We are passionate about advising on intellectual property matters in a practical context, while keeping in mind the different business interests at stake. Think of financial and marketing aspects or future plans to expand your business. This naturally implies a personal, tailor-made approach with every client we work for. After all, the better we know your company, the better we can adjust our services to your needs.

Fifteen years of international experience

TrdMrx Legal was founded by Lydian Brunsting in 2013. By now Lydian has over 17 years of experience working as an intellectual property lawyer with several trade mark offices and multinationals.

Before setting up TrdMrx Legal Lydian worked as a(n):

  • intellectual property lawyer at trademark agency Novagraaf (2001-2003);
  • trademark and designs lawyer at patent agency Los & Stigter (2003-2004);
  • intellectual property counsel at Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. (2005-2006);
  • global trade mark counsel at Unilever N.V. (2007-2010);
  • manager and intellectual property counsel at React (2010-2012).

As a manager-intellectual property counsel at React Lydian worked extensively on brand protection matters with different stakeholders, among which trademarks owners, government agencies and custom authorities.

At Unilever N.V. Lydian managed of a varying, global portfolio of brands and advised about the intellectual property aspects of national and international marketing projects. She was also involved with different projects to enhance the understanding and value of intellectual property rights internally, also with a view on the changes taking place in digital marketing.

At Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. Lydian worked on various intellectual property matters, among which a large amount of infringement cases, the set-up of a licensing policy, an anti-counterfeit strategy and various kinds of agreements, ranging from licensing to distribution contracts.

As a lawyer at both Novagraaf and Los & Stigter, Lydian advised different national and international clients on the protection, maintenance and registration of trademarks, designs and domain names.


Lydian obtained her law degree at the University of Groningen in the year 2000. In 2003 she finished the post-graduate study for Benelux Trade Marks and Designs Lawyers.

Benelux, EU and WIPO representative

Besides being a Benelux Trademark and Design Attorney Lydian is also appointed as a professional representative before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and representing clients at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 


Lastly, Lydian is a member of the Benelux Association for Trademark and Design Law (BMM) and the International Trademark Association (INTA).


Lydian is a passionate traveller, runner, (amateur) photographer and art lover and interested in digital technologies and technological developments.